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With expertise in strategic decision making, change leadership, intentionality, and the learning sciences, my PD services empower institutional leaders like you to dynamically facilitate student learning and success, even with the recent widespread trend towards remote teaching.

Half-day workshops (2-4 hours) can be scheduled for $1500, plus travel expenses when required.

Full-day workshops (6-7 hours) can be scheduled for $2500, plus travel expenses when required.

Multi-day virtual trainings with sessions that occur across several days or weeks are extremely effective for professional growth and development.

Leadership/Strategy conversations can be arranged at $250 per hour.


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-FOR LEADERSHIP- 2-4 Hours Full-Day Multi-Day
Logic Model Development (Kellogg) & Strategic Program Implementation
Empowering Professional Agency in the Face of Innovation
Change Management (Beckhard-Harris) & the Diffusion of Innovations
The Innovation Delta: Balanced Improvement of Organizational Practices
Becoming an Educated Consumer of Research
Diversity: We Are All Different and That’s Okay
Enabling Evidence-Based Approaches to Student Success
-FOR TEACHING FACULTY- 2-4 Hours Full-Day Multi-Day
How University Works: Using a Syllabus Diagnostic
Community of Inquiry: Online/Remote Teaching Best Practices
Assessing Student Learning: Why, How, and For Whom?
Post-hoc Assessment of Pedagogical Enhancements: An Archival Approach
Curriculum Complexity & the Risks of Unintentional Rigor
Using Rubrics to Optimize the Grading Experience
-FOR UNIVERSITY STAFF- 2-4 Hours Full-Day Multi-Day
Strengthening the Student Alliance through Effective Communication
First-Year-Experience: Shaping Student Beliefs about University
Using the Innovation Delta to Optimize Student Services
Feedback & Focus Groups: Qualitative Data in Program Decision Making
Avoiding Fire-Hose Orientation: Just-in-Time Supports & Students Thriving
The Hero’s Journey: Framing the Role of University Orientation
-FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS- 2-4 Hours Full-Day Multi-Day
How to Succeed at University: Rigors & Relief
Study Simpler: Holistic Study Skills Development
Understanding the Myers-Briggs for Major & Career Exploration
The Hero’s Journey: Interpersonal Relationships as a Key to Success
Stand Up, Stand Out: Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Bystander Effect
“I’m wishing”: Nurturing the Real Self at College
-FOR K12- 2-4 Hours Full-Day Multi-Day
Culturally Responsive Lesson Planning
Self-Regulation & Self-Efficacy: Play as an Essential Resource of Growth
Using an Autonomy-Supportive Approach to Developing Curriculum
Affective Potential: Purposeful Products that Unlock Student Learning
Assessing Student Learning: Why, How, and For Whom?
-FOR GENERAL AUDIENCES- 2-4 Hours Full-Day Multi-Day
Music & Chills: How Goosebumps Help Us Discover Human Potential
Rhythms of Life: The Biological Cycles That Govern Our Daily Lives
Landing Your Emotional Hot Air Balloon: Aligning Team Values
VIA Character Strengths & Weaknesses: A Teambuilding Workshop
Personalities: Everyone is Different and That’s Okay

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