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Expressive writing is one medium through which people process their toughts and feelings following stressful or traumatic events but the rate of emotional well-being and recovery depends on one's culture.

I would like to openly thank three individuals that inspired me to begin to develop my writing:

The first is a girl that lived in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. Her name was Malorie and I had a date with her once when I was 16. She treated my less than respectably on the date and throughout the following weeks. She treated me so badly that I was moved to sit down and write a very cathartic journal entry. I would never dream of publishing the crude things that I wrote about her that day, but what a great start the situation made for my writing! I discovered how much I enjoyed putting down my thoughts and making them interesting.

The second individual that I need to thank is a man that I have never even met: Kurt Vonnegut. I once read his book “Breakfast of Champions” and really enjoyed the imaginative prose (although they could be quite vulgar). His writing made me realize that any poor fool (not to disparage the man or his fine writing) could sit down and creatively write, both entertainingly and informatively.

The third is a wonderful woman named Myrna Dee Marler. She was my creative writing professor and she taught me that good writing is not just putting thoughts down on paper. Writing has to be honed –through careful consideration of common pitfalls, openness to feedback and, above all else, avoidance of the word it!

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