A Testimony Through Music

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Music is a wonderful gift.

The Lion King soundtrack, for example,  is one of the finest works of music ever conceived. For years I’ve listened to it and it has had a profound impact on me, emotionally and spiritually. I’m convinced that it is a gift to us from God, through Hans Zimmer, the composer.

There is a verse in the Book of Nephi that explains that “all things which have been given of God from the beginning of the world, unto man, are the typifying of [Christ]” (2 Nephi 11: 4).

It occurred to me, then, that if such outstanding music is given to us of God (and I believe that it is), then it is also typifying of Christ, if we can just open our eyes and see it that way.

For some time now, every time I’ve listened to the Lion King soundtrack, images from the the life and ministry of Christ have come to my mind and I have found myself inevitably reduced to tears and filled with joy and gladness for the good news of his life and resurrection. Certain themes within the music remind me of certain periods of his life, while other sections of the piece remind me of specific events and verses.

I imagined about how I might share this testimony with others, not only my testimony of Christ, but of the power within all music that teaches us of his divinity and love for all mankind.

I recently discovered some movie editing software and used it to compile an approximation of what runs through my mind’s eye when I listen to The Lion King Suite. I’ve shared this video with various individuals; some people ‘get it,’ while others don’t.

Regardless of the which group you find yourself in, I sincerely hope you enjoy it! (By the way, it helps if you mentally disconnect the music from being associated with The Lion King at all; you just have to think to yourself, “This music was written for these pictures,” and then it works).  =]

Compiled by Mitchell Colver ~ Music by Hans Zimmer, (C) 1994 – The Walt Disney Company ~ Text by Joseph Fielding Smith ~ Artwork by the World’s Finest Artists ~

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