Study Simpler

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Study Simpler contains fifty-two study skills interventions that students, parents, and educators can rely on to lay a solid foundation of study skills proficiency within the lives of students, especially at the university level.

The acronym SIMPLER outlines seven of the most influential factors related to student well-being: Space, Intervals, Method, People, Loyalty, Energy, and Resources. These seven categories make up the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of student success.

Written with particular attention to helping-professionals working in higher education, Study Simpler allows study skills development to be effectively embedded within a broad range of services throughout the university. Using the Simpler Intervention Model, helping-professionals in higher education can act as stakeholders in assisting students with study skills development. The model relies on concise, informal, and regularly occurring interventions that address student development in a holistic manner using Study Simpler as a guide.

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