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I stand on a bluff, and to the West I do view,
The fair Sun as it sets with soft crimson hue,
And at my side, a fairer sight doth stand,
My dear sweet companion, embracing my hand.

The masterpiece of God’s hands, before us displayed
In shared appreciation is far greater made,
For such sights of grandeur, when viewed as a pairing,
Have much greater meaning because of the sharing.

And far grander still, are such moments made,
When my friend points out, before the colors fade,
A detail or two, which I would not have seen,
If at my side my friend had not been.

And what parts of life, would I not point out,
If I did not have a close friend about,
To foster in me a desire to share,
To feel and to see and to love and to care?

You see, we are made better when others are ’round,
To hear us and see us and respond to our sound,
Without them we’re dormant, lost in repose,
Seeing nothing, sharing nothing, no thought to disclose.

Action, reaction, is where we find joy,
For what is a girl without a cute boy?
To have not another, is to lose part of me,
The part that shines out for the other to see.

And when such a loved one, from us departs,
In the shadow of death, we mourn in our hearts.
But not for their sakes, For their prospect has promise,
We mourn for the loss that is thrust upon us.

The light that was shared, no longer shines bright,
A part of ourselves, enveloped in night,
The crimson sun gone, no comments to make,
No details to point out for the other one’s sake.

What good is a mirror –a friend- without light,
Its purpose and function destroyed by the night.
Within us grows dim the part that had shone,
So bright to that other, but now left alone.


Remember, remember, and never forget,
That though your friend is gone and that sun has set,
Tomorrow the sun will rise once again,
And, I tell you, through Christ, so shall your friend.

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