Eventide’s Exploits

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May 2009

There is going to be a whole new person living in our house in the next few days! And she’ll have her own little personality and her own little agenda and she’ll be a real person!


I was sitting up with Eventide this morning at 4am and she was fussing for no apparent reason (not apparent to me, anyhow). So I laid her side on my lap and gave her a little back massage. She melted away into a really deep sleep. =]


Two things: 1) I figured out that if I rub Eventide’s head really softly like a crystal ball, she’ll go cross-eyed and smile! =D 2) Courtney is really tired these days; she asked me if I would hold the baby while she “washed” her teeth…. “washed”?? =


Eventide had her first projectile vomit experience today! =D Could a father be more pleased??


June 2009

I put on Die Zauberflöte this morning for Eventide (what ought to be every child’s first exposure to opera, methinks) and she fell fast asleep near the end of the Overture. =] I suppose, at this age, we’ll have to take things one aria at a time…


February 2010

Eventide knows how to twiddle her thumbs. ‘Tis cute.


March 2010

Eventide is 10 mo. old today; she can’t walk and only has about 3 little teeth, but somehow she figured out how to sneak into our stash of starbursts and was found chomping down on one (wrapper and all) underneath the kitchen table… like she knew exactly what she was up to. =]

Eventide is developing her awareness of visual media. She has already begun to enjoy specific characters in the movies she watches, but she gets upset and cries when they leave the screen (until they come back). =] Like, for example, when the 12 princesses in “Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses” all get up to go look at new shoes and leave their father alone at the breakfast table.


April 2010

Eventide is smart and a good communicator. When she is finished eating, she begins clearing her tray onto the floor, as if to say, “Get this crap out of my face!” =]


May 2010

Since turning 1 last week, Eventide has picked up some awesome new skills: 1) She knows how to drink CapriSun from the straw, 2) She knows how to pitch a fit when mommy’s about to leave the house, and 3) She can differentiate between Trix and Crunch Berries; she likes Crunch Berries, but she doesn’t like Trix, which she freely throws off of her tray. =]


Eventide has officially uttered her first sentence! I went in to get her up from a nap and she looked up at me and said, “Hi dada…” =D


July 2010

Eventide has taken to calling me ‘Mitch.’ I’m not opposed. =]


August 2010

My first coherent conversation with Eventide:

Eventide pointed her little finger and said, “What’s that?”
I said, “A fan.”
Eventide said, “Oh.”



Eventide’s no dummy: when presented with a raisin and an m&m, she promptly threw the raisin on the floor and gobbled the m&m.


September 2010

If all of Eventide’s toys were suddenly replaced by wet washclothes, I don’t think she would notice or care. She’ll carry two around for a solid hour, whapping them against this and that, stuffing them into cups, laying them nicely on the ground to pat with her little hands, and gnawing on them for sustenance.


My dad used to own an apple orchard, so he doesn’t think twice about picking up a fallen apple and chowing into it. Eventide witnessed this the other day and immediately followed suit. Now, she casually chomps on apples off of the ground every time we take her into the backyard. =]


October 2010

Eventide will not sit through Finding Nemo… she gets bored around the time Marlin meets Dory…. however, she will happily sit enraptured through an entire 50 minute episode of Star Trek. I think she likes the music and the panoramic views of space. =]


November 2010

We discovered that Eventide likes Star Trek when I decided to put on an episode in the bedroom. When she realized that I had started without her, she came to the door way and screamed in anger. She did this about three or four times over the course of several weeks. I wanted to see if I could get it on film, except, this time, she wasn’t alarmed that I had started without her. =]


Eventide is a very reciprocal child: if you pick her up and give her a hug and a little pat on her back, she’ll reach around and give you a little pat on your back; if you feed her a little piece of turkey, she’ll pick up a little piece and feed one to you and so on. This is not a child I plan on yelling at.


December 2011

You know how you pat your cereal down with your spoon to submerse it in the milk?? Well, Eventide hasn’t learned that skill yet and simply uses her hand instead. =]


The only thing we really watch on our bedroom TV is Star Trek, which Eventide really loves… however, we’ve borrowed several seasons of the Golden Girls on DVD, and when I started up an episode last night, Eventide was initially confused and then immediately started shaking her head “No!” in protest. Apparently she isn’t old enough to appreciate crass, geriatric, menopausal, late 80’s humor. =]


January 2011

Eventide got a Disney Princesses Tea Set for Christmas. It serves four and she has decided that our dog, Sugar, is the fourth member of our tea party. =] She pours the “tea” and holds it up to Sugar’s mouth.


I came across Eventide picking her nose. I asked her, “Are you picking your nose?” She replied by casually wiping a booger on my shoulder and smiling. =]


All by herself, Eventide found Court’s phone, speed-dialed me at work, and left me a little voice mail that said, “ALLA-EE DA!,” which clearly means “I love you Dad!” =]


Eventide has known how to sing certain phrases from the Star Trek theme song for several months; she also knows how to “snap” her fingers to the Golden Girl’s theme song. However, this morning was her first attempt at ABC’s: “La-la-dee-dee-A-B-C’s.”


February 2011

At 21 months, Eventide clearly recognizes the difference between music books and regular books: she opens regular books and speaks rapidly, pointing to the words; she opens music books and sings her little heart out. =]


April 2011

Eventide and I were playing with a stuffed giraffe and a stuffed lion. I was trying to make the lion hunt the giraffe. Eventide took the lion from me and made them kiss with a little smoochie noise and then smiled. Well played, Eventide… well played.


May 2011

Eventide was peeking over the back of the pew today in church. She sneezed and whacked her face on the hard wood… oh no! I held her tight and comforted her, but couldn’t help but giggle quite a bit… but secretly and past her shoulder so she wouldn’t hear. =] It worked and she felt better!


June 2011

Eventide, apparently hearing Court and I refer to each other in this way, has taken to calling everything “hun.” She adds it to the end of nearly every sentence: “Hi hu,” “Hear ya go hun,” “okay hun”…


July 2011

Eventide knows that she’s not supposed to draw on herself with a pen (which isn’t THAT big of a deal, but she knows nonetheless).

So I came upon her scribbling on her knee and said “E’tide, don’t draw on yourself!”

She quickly obscured the evidence with her two little arms, put her little hand up under her chin, looked at me with her little heterochromic eyes and casually responded “huh??” as if she had no idea what I could be talking about… hehe! =]


October 2011

Before I left the house this morning, we said family prayer together. We finished and Courtney and I were standing at the door talking when we heard Eventide saying her own little prayer over by herself:

“Heavenly Father… mumble mumble.. Memory… mumble mumble … CAKE!! ..AMEN!”


August 2011

Eventide is barely old enough to speak in complete clauses and she’s already started to blame her little sister for things:

“Eventide, I smell poop; are you poopy?”
“No,” as she motions to Memory’s diaper, “Memory’s poopy.”

A little more investigation demonstrated that she who denied it, in fact, supplied it.


Eventide now knows that people have butts and likes to demonstrate her knowledge by pointing out (literally pointing her little finger, repeatedly) that people have butts: “Butt, butt, butt! BUTT!…. BUTT!”


Courtney came in the back door to find Eventide playing with CDs. Courtney exaperatedly said “Eventide!” Eventide quickly threw the CDs away from her and then covered her butt with her hands and said, “No spank! No spank!”

November 2011

Eventide did three hilarious things in church today. 1) When the sacrament bread came around, she grabbed a whole handful of pieces and crammed them in her mouth before we could stop her. haha! 2) Memory stole a crayon from her; since she couldn’t have that one, she didn’t want any and dropped the rest on the ground in upset. So stubborn! 3) Both Courtney and I tried, at some point, to peek over her shoulder at what she was reading while sitting on our lap – she apparently wanted her privacy and quickly shoved our faces out of her personal space. =]

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