Eventide’s Birth

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So I thought it would be nice to write a little note about Eventide’s big arrival. There’s a lot that went on and I want to be sure to have all recorded and, of course, I just like to share! =]

First of all, her name. Eventide is a contraction of the term ‘evening tide.’ =] This term is of common use in England, but uncommonly known in America. Of course, England is a island nation and, therefore, has a closer relationship with the tides than we do. Nonetheless, it is the name that we have chosen and we just love it! =) She is quite literally named after the hymn, “Abide With Me; ‘Tis Eventide:”

“Abide with me; ’tis eventide. The day is past and gone; The shadows of the evening fall; The night is coming on.Within my heart a welcome guest, Within my home abide.

“O Savior, stay this night with me; Behold, ’tis eventide. O Savior, stay this night with me; Behold, ’tis eventide.

“Abide with me; ’tis eventide. Thy walk today with me Has made my heart within me burn, As I communed with thee. Thy earnest words have filled my soul And kept me near thy side.

“Abide with me; ’tis eventide, And lone will be the night If I cannot commune with thee Nor find in thee my light. The darkness of the world, I fear, Would in my home abide.”

Courtney woke up around 2am. She was having mild contractions, but since we had a scheduled birth induction at 7am, I suggested we return to sleep unless they became regular and intense (to rule out false-labor). By 3am, Court was clocking them at 5 minute intervals and they were lasting about 30 seconds. Time to call the doctor (and update facebook!). Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, “Get to the hospital!” So, after updating facebook once more, we piled in the van and got to it.

Sugar, our dog, had to come with us and be picked up from the hospital by my dad. We arrived and left Sugar in the car, checked in, and sat through triage. When my dad arrived and opened the car door, Sugar bolted and ran to where she had seen us go in the building. Well, the emergency room doors open for anything that moves and so in went Sugar! My dad had to chase her around the emergency room! lol… funny now, but my dad was pissed, I’m sure! =]

Court and I had to walk the halls of the hospital for an hour, to rule out false labor. If your really going to have the baby, the contractions get worse, but if not, they subside with walking. Courtney also had to drink a whole big thing of water, because dehydration can also cause false labor. It was nice walking around the maternity wing at Sacred Heart. They have a wonderful facility! And lots of great artwork. Here’s one of my new favorites, “The Journey Begins” by Scott Gustafson:

The walking caused Court to puke up all the water she had been drinking and the contractions to get worse. This was the real thing! Yay!

At 7am, they admitted us to our own delivery suite. Court had only dilated to a “tight 2,” so we both tried to rest for a while while things progressed (well, I tried to rest… Court had to suffer contractions).

By 9am, Courtney decided that it was time for the epidural. She had gone in with an open mind to the possibility of not getting one, but the pain quickly made that decision easy. =] The anesthesiologist that performed the epidural commented on how “thin and supple” Courtney’s back was and how ideal that made it for having an epidural… why, yes… I happen to agree! =D

The epidural took place around 9:45 and after only an hour, Court was suddenly an 8 or 9! Whoa! Our nurse, Debbie Jo… who was awesome, btw… she was REALLY surprised at how quickly Courtney had progressed. Court’s mom and sister were the same way, so no surprises there.

Debbie Jo had been at the hospital for 16 hours and was required by law to leave by 11. So we got a new nurse named Becca. She was also awesome! At one point she commented on how much she liked Court’s CTR ring, at which point we noticed she had one on, too! Hmm…. =]

Becca was SO helpful! An hour before the doctor arrived, Becca had Courtney pushing to get warmed up for the big finale. This was really cool! I thought I was going to be grossed out, but the miracle of nature was overwhelmingly awe inspiring! Very cool!

At noon, the doctor arrived and started getting ready for the main event! Three contractions and six pushes later, out came little Eventide!! She was beautiful!!!!

Eventide’s first order of business (even before she was all the way out!) was to BITE THE DOCTOR!!! LOL! =D Nice! The doctor was trying to stick a tube in her mouth to suck out a bunch of meconium that Eventide had ingested.

I got to cut the cord, which was cool! And then they had to suck some more meconium out. They clamped the cord and asked me to cut the excess off… but because I was so excited, I put the scissors on the WRONG side! The nurse gasped really loud and stopped me and thankfully saved me from causing my daughter to bleed all over everything and have to go to intensive care. I still feel like an idiot, though!

Court did wonderfully! The epidural made things easier for her and the doctors and nurses all did a wonderful job!

They moved us to our recovery room and things settled down for a while. However, nurses kept coming in and out for the longest time! All of them had their own little advise to give about nursing and such, and some of it wasn’t very good. Court got a little stressed about nursing and so did I.

Eventide nursed fine some of the time and then would stop and then I would take her and then she would start acting like she wanted to nurse again. So I’d give her back to Court and they would try to nurse, but Eventide would freak out!

We tried to get Eventide to nurse as often as she look like she wanted to and the nurses would come in to “help,” but it was just one fiasco after another until 2am. Eventide gave us a break and went to sleep from 2-6am.

The following morning, we were still worried about all of the trouble that Evey was having nursing, but the lactation consultant came in and laid everything to rest. The problem was that we were trying too much! (and the nurses had all been encouraging it!) Thankfully we resolved the matter and now there’s no problems in that area.

We’re home now and everything is wonderful. My girls are both sleeping soundly and we are so thankful that everything went so well. Actually, it turns out that they had canceled our induction, because of how many other deliveries that were happening. So, if Eventide hadn’t have decided to come in any case, we still might be waiting to have her.

It was 36 hours from the time we left the house until the time we got back! Which, to me, is weird! It feels like it should take more time, cost more money, and require more signatures and paperwork than it did. Of course, I’m not the one who had to push…

A lot of the time at the hospital felt strangely like DisneyWorld… the cafeteria, the parking, the picture taking, the roller coaster of excitement, the “hotel room” feel of our recovery suite, the souvenirs.

Being a dad is great. One thing I’ve already figured out is that everything takes two hours longer than you think it’s going to take. At midnight, I thought, “We need to settle down.” That didn’t happen until 2am. At 7am, I thought, “I’m going to go down and grab some breakfast.” That didn’t happen until 9. At 11, I thought, “We’ll be outta here in the next two hours or so.” We didn’t leave until 3. =] I’m hoping to pare that time differential down a bit, so that by the time Eventide’s 5, we’ll only be a few minutes late for her first day of kindergarten. =]



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