My Dream Journal – 10/3/2011

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Twelve Dreams

1. I was swimming in the ocean. I’m always afraid of being attack from beneath when I’m in the ocean, whether in dreams or in real life, so I was looking down into the water. The waves were very active – very high and very low, up and down. I saw stripes of coral beneath me, about a foot wide and very long. I had to swim over them, but the up and down of the waves worried me: what if I was over one when the wave decided to come down? I’d land right on top of one of the stripes. But I made it over and to the edge of the ocean, which was the edge of a swimming pool. I felt safe because I realized it had never been an ocean.

I stood up. The floor was only 4 feet down. The swimming pool drained and I could see the tile on the floor – mostly white with red stripes, about a foot wide, that went all the way around the border of the pool. Turns out this was my coral all along – red tile stripes on the floor of the swimming pool.

The pool was shaped unusually. Where I first stood up was a kind of peninsula that was lined with jungle growth. Everything was indoors. I went to the main body of the pool, which was a giant open space. My siblings were there with their children, most notably my sister, Jessica, with her children. The floor of the pool was not flat. It had furniture-sized uplifted sections in all different shapes that you could play on. Because most of the water had drained out, only a few pools of running water remained on these shapes. The children played.

The dream ended.


2. I found myself in a video game world, similar to World of Warcraft. My character was on a flying dinosaur, sweeping through a building that looked like a mayan temple and that was decorated with dinosaurs all over it. I found my party, which consisted of four people, including me. My brother, Forest, was playing one of the characters. We were on a hill fighting creatures. I somehow became disconnected from my party, which I noticed because I didn’t received any experience points when the creatures were dying. I tried to type to tell my party, but it’s hard to type real words in dreams. I don’t think they ever got the message. Forest could tell something was wrong, but we didn’t know how to fix it. I ran off, down the hill, which had a path on it. The dream continued, but I do not remember the details.

The dream ended.


3. I found myself playing another video game: The Sims; except, I wasn’t playing the characters, I was just building a hotel. I was working on the roof. Most of it was already there, but I wanted to attach a roof balcony. The positioning of the elements was hard. I wanted to change out the floor tiles, but couldn’t get them to fit correctly with each other to make the pattern work.

The dream ended.


4. I found myself on a trip, checking into a hotel with Justin Abel, Kyle Jennings, and two girls. Cameron Siekawitch was there, too, but he always replaced either Justin or Kyle, so that there were only ever three of us guys at one time.

Us guys had our room keys and were trying to find our room. When we found it, we discovered that the door had a mailbox sized box that we had to open first, but which required two keys to operate. Very much like the missile-key box in The Hunt For Red October. Putting two keys in granted us access to the room, which was spacious and had multiple couches and beds. The girls had their own room, as well. In the guys’ room, there were two giant windows, blocked off with black trim that latticed through the entire window making 2×2 boxes – even though the entire wall, floor to ceiling, was windowed. Outside of these windows was the hotel courtyard, which had jungle foliage on the edge of a nice swimming pool and hot tub, which were especially flat and came right up to the base of these windows.

We decided to go for a swim.

I left my stuff on one of the couches and left the room, being sure first to grab my two sets of keys (my regular keys and the door keys – which is what I carried around for two weeks when I worked with Justin, Kyle, and Cameron in real life).

I tried to locate the entrance to the pool, but couldn’t.

I found myself in a main room of the hotel, which was crowded with visitors to some kind of convention. They were congregating to hear some kind of presentation. The man who was presenting needed my help finding a microphone. He was sitting behind the crowd on a chair in the walkway. He was tubby and had glasses and styled his hair like he was from 1988. He wore 1988 clothing, as well. He was a computer nerd and was there to present a new machine he had invented. It looked like a bread box, but had a core through the center that you could place a electrical cable in. You shut the cable up in the box and the box will tell you if someone is trying to hack into your gambling machine. He showed me. There were pennies on the ground that represented the results of the gambling machine. They lined up in rows, all by themselves, to make letters and pictures. When I looked, it said 4 with a club (4 of Clubs). The pennies dominoed on top of eachother,back and forth, maintaining the number and shape, which was pretty to watch and sparkly.

The dream ended.


5. I was sitting in a barber chair in my back yard. The hydraulic lift was raised twenty or so feet in the air, so that I was looking down on our back porch, on our roof. There was two tattoo artists with me and a friend of theirs. One was a fat man in a wife-beater who had just finished a tattoo tracing on my right shoulder. It was garlic with wings. He called it an onion, but I knew it was garlic. I didn’t like it. He was about to start filling it in with color and I told him that I didn’t like it. I didn’t want a clove of garlic with wings on my shoulder. The girl tattoo artist stepped in. She said, “Fine, then we’ll put a tattoo over here,” gesturing to my left forearm. She took some purplish-gray outlining ink and swiped it onto my left arm with the blade of a knife, making a skinny, swoopy triangle. The ink dried quickly on my skin and bubbled up. It could be washed off, but I didn’t know what she was thinking. Why would I want a swoopy triangle on my left forearm and why did she think she knew best for me?

The dream ended.


6.I was a new teacher at a high school. I had been instructed about safety protocols and I was going to follow them. There was a button on my classroom wall that was an emergency button. It called the fire department, the police, and the bomb squad to our school. They told me to press it if I ever came across a suspicious package or a student who I considered life threatening.

I found a suspicious package on my desk. I pressed the button. The police came. It was a present. They left.

I found another suspicious-looking device on my filing cabinet. I pressed the button. The police game. It was a radio. They left.

There was a dangerous student. I pressed the button. The school secretary, who had trained me on the protocol called by office and told me to stop pressing the button. I argued that I was only following instructions. She was not amused, but I enjoyed sticking it to her for failing to train me to think for myself.

The dream ended.


7. I was at Venice Beach and was following a group of police men around, as if I were part of their team. I realized that I was a police-counselor, along for the ride to talk people out of doing stupid things. This time around there were two bums having a knife fight by a palm tree. I saw that one was more reasonable than the other. So I talked him out of fighting and the police convinced the other guy to stop, too. They had cuts, so the three of us were loaded into an ambulance van. I didn’t want to go, because I had to wear handcuffs, too. The police man asked me why I didn’t want to go and I lied that it was because I didn’t like ambulances – my grandfather had died in one. So I got to sit up front. The ambulance driver made a stop on our way to the hospital – at his ex-wife’s house. He went in and left the van in the street. We waited for a while and the three of us (the two bums and I) decided I should drive the van into the driveway of the house. I tried and almost backed into an oncoming car behind us. Once in the driveway, we waited even longer. I got sick of it and layed on the horn, which was broken (like my van’s in real life) and didn’t make much sound at all. He finally came out, but only to tell us that he was going back in. They were arguing.

The dream ended.


8. I was at an amusement park, standing in line for the ferris wheel. I was watching the ride operator, trying to figure out when he decided to let people on or off. I realized that there was a really efficient way to do it, which is the way that the ride operator started doing it, too. My dad was there. The wind picked up and the ferris wheel started wobbling. I went over behind the ferris wheel, to the ride operator to ask if it would fall over. She assured me it wouldn’t. I went back to my dad and we discussed it. He was convinced it was safe. The ferris wheel turned into a loop rollercoaster, but with two trains of cars. They were following each other around the loop in the same direction as the ferris wheel had been going. The wind caused the loop to wobble and twist. The two coaster trains started going towards each other on the track. At the last second, the ride operator hit a button that made the loop twist upward, stopping the momentum of both coaster trains. My dad seemed to know this was going to happen. He explained about how complex and power the ride controls (a panel of sixteen big, yellow buttons) were.

The dream ended.


9. This was the most vague of the 12 dreams. I was standing in a line in a hallway. On one side of the hallway there was a wall, with pictures, as in an art gallery. Ahead of me, the hallway curved to the left and doubled back. That is where I wanted to go, but I was in a line – in a group. On the right side of the hallway, there was a series of glass doors and windows. The doors were locked and I couldn’t figure out how to open them anyway.

The dream continued, but I can’t remember the details.


10. I had two fish tanks. One was stacked right on top of the other, with a little bit of room in between. Both tanks were half full of water and the fish had not been fed for days. There was a blue betta fish in the top tank who had developed a case of scale ick. I put ick medicine in the water and then filled both tanks up to the top with water. I put food pellets in the bottom tank. The fish were ravenously hungry. They popped their heads up out of the water to eat the pellets from my fingers through the small space between their tank and the top one. It was cute.

The dream ended.


11. I went back to the building from Dream #9. This time I was on the outside. There was a courtyard. I was at one end and I could see a door at the other end. A door with opaque glass – I had a feeling that I had seen this door before. I went there. It was the entrance to a swimming pool. I knew my daughter, Eventide, was inside. I went in. The lobby was attached to the hallway that I had been standing in during Dream #9. The doors that I couldn’t open, opened into this lobby.

I went through the lobby into the main building.

The entire room was filled with horizontal escalators that looked like giant burlap conveyer belts with black rubber foot holds every few yards. The conveyer belts were wide (20 feet) and were meant to take you past the rules of the swimming pool. There was a lady that told us to stand on the conveyer belts and read what was on the walls. There were flat screen tvs, too, mounted on the walls.

The conveyer belts weren’t flat. They went up and down and curved around the edge of the room. I was about to get off the entrance conveyer belt when I saw that there was an exit-belt too. The exist belt was far more bumpy than the entrance one, with up and downs every few feet (the entrance one was like every ten feet). I looked over and saw Eventide leaving with my sister Jessica. I called to her that they should come back in.

Inside was not a swimming pool at all, but a giant “play zone” where all the toys could be purchased. Courtney and Memory were there, too. I took Memory around to try to find a fun toy, but I suddenly realized that everything was overpriced and that we were standing in a Wal-Mart toy store that was merely disguised as a “play zone.”

The dream ended.


12. I was on the control bridge of a massive spaceship that was crashing (the same spaceship that crashes at the beginning of Star Wars Episode 3). There were eight of us in the seats and Tim Allen was our leader. Everyone want to go back to the escape pods, but Tim indicated that, according to protocol, we had to stay in the control bridge until two minutes after the ship had actually made contact with land. The team stayed. The ship hit land and skidded across the surface of the planet for two whole minutes. Tim said we could go back down into the main ship. The ship continued to skid. We went to the transporters, which were like round person-sized half-pipes in the side of the hallway. You’d step into the half-pipe, face outwards, and then grab onto two silver tubes, which ran from the floor to the ceiling and flanked you directly to either side. The tubes were perforated in three sections, like motorcycle exhaust tubes.

The teleporter worked by reading your mind. You just had to think of where you wanted to go or who you wanted to be with. In our case, we wanted to get to Jonathon Hicks, who was in the back part of the ship (he had gone ahead to help some EWU students from the Kingston Math Lab). So I thought of Jonathon, but the teleporter didn’t work. Verlinda, my boss, was one of the team members that had been with us on the control bridge. I had seen her go through the trasporter before me, so I thought of her instead. It worked! I found myself in the belly of the ship with the rest of the team, which included Kelli Mayfield. We found Jonathon and made our way to the front of the ship, which began to look a lot like Tawanka Commons, with EWU tables and everything. A bunch of the Eastern Scholars students were there, which is who we were trying to get to. Nicole Branstetter was there, too. She had left her student ID on one of the tables earlier and recovered it quite casually, as if she knew it would be there when she got back.

We all prepared to disembark from the crashed spaceship.

The dream ended.





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