My Dream Journal – 10/2/2011

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Two Dreams

1. The first dream was not so exciting. I was at work and I had to get to a staff meeting. So I kept gathering up supplies. Gathering and gathering. You know, like in a dream, when there’s always something else that has to be gathered before you can go (so frustrating!). Then a student, Erin Norris, stopped me at the front desk to ask me why Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ is written in common time, but has twelve eighth notes per measure. My boss, Aaron Brown, was there, too, to help answer the question (because he’s just a really helpful guy). I explained to Erin all about triplets and played some of the song for her on a piano that just happened to be handy.

Then, down the hall in the meeting room on another piano, I could hear that Ryan Henry, another student, was playing ‘The Ludlows’ by James Horner:


Ryan was adding in his own harmonic counterpoint during the melodic breaks. I asked him where he had learned that version and he indicated that he was making it up as he went along.

Very nice!

The dream transitioned into Dream #2.

2. Melissa Main, Meghan Howell, Matt Brunell and I were at a symposium of sorts. We knew that the day had a ton of scheduled events and we were trying to coordinate which we preferred to go to together. We were waiting in this rocky terrain inside Monroe Hall, very much like a well-designed bouldering wall without any of the holds.

The choices we had were to go to some kind of group discussion or to go to a comedy hour (in actuality, we all really wanted to go camping). While I think it was obvious to us all that the comedy hour was a more appealing choice, we somehow ended up in the group discussion room, which involved crafting, too.

The discussion leader was somewhat lame, but that didn’t stop Melissa, Matt, and I from diving into the crafts. Meghan sat at a table and was Meghan. At one point, during the discussion, she raised her hand and said,

“Hey guys… ”

But she was speaking to a mixed group, so she paused, then said,

“Hey gals…”

Then she giggled, because she couldn’t figure out the correct introductory statement. So I spoke up and suggested,

“My friends…” with a wave of my hand, gesturing to the entire group.

Everyone laughed.

Meghan went for it. “My friends…” she said with a wave of her hand, “my gramma doesn’t drink milk. She eats yogurt because it has acidophilus in it.”

That was all she said.

No one laughed in the dream, because she was so serious. It wasn’t a joke. But I am laughing right now, because that’s frikkin’ hilarious!

I looked over and Melissa had cut a lion’s head out of several pieces of paper –one for the mane, one for the face, etc. She had done an excellent job of coloring the paper with crayons and had even drawn a little head-band across the lion’s forehead with a tiny little heart in the front, center.

The discussion group morphed into a great dining hall, with exotic food and pitchers of beer. It was lit with yellow, low hanging overhead lighting and we all went to sit down.

Tim Grassley appeared with a plate of what looked like deviled eggs. He explained that he had become acquainted with this food during his travels. No one wanted to try it, even though he asserted that it was delicious. I said, “Come on, we should all try it. If you offered Oreo cookies to someone in Kyrgyztan, they would probably decline at first, too.”

Still, no one ate the eggs, not even me.

Apparently the discussion group/dining feast ended. I found myself in the wilderness setting up our tent with my brother Andy. We had a hard time of it because we each had one of our children in our arms. The tent fell over.

The dream ended.

What Dream #1 Means To Me:

I have no idea. I didn’t realized that Erin and Aaron have the same name until I was typing this out. Is this detail significant?

Also, it’s cool to realize that, anytime someone does something cool in your dreams (like Ryan making up that nice counterpoint) that it’s actually you, because it’s your dream. So GO ME with that awesome counterpoint! =]

What Dream #2 Means to Me:

I, again, have no idea. Similar to Dream #1, I think it’s interesting that Meghan, Melissa, Matt and I all have names that start with M. The four of us had lunch together last month, though, so I think it’s just a product of the chance of reality. I still have no idea what to make of Meghan’s comment about her gramma or of Melissa’s crafting skills, which produced a very appealing head-banded lion – like he was going to go work out. Interestingly, it occurs to me that, in real life, Meghan spoke of plans to go camping with Matt this weekend. I wonder if Melissa went along, too. =]


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  1. MandPChinaP October 2, 2011 at 11:28 am ·

    First time reader, long time brother… I enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing; I was entertained. I was reminded of this one dream I had: You and I were in our beds and our bedroom had some kind of rocket engine attached to it….

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