My Dream Journal – 10/1/11

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10/1/2011 – Three Dreams

1. A group of my friends and I were in a giant (lake sized) swimming pool, which was housed in a equally giant warehouse. The warehouse was as tall as the lake was deep and, with no internal lighting, the entire arrangement was very dark. I believe it was nighttime. The company was mixed and consisted of five or six individuals. My friend, Leah Parker, was the only one from real life.

We were swimming with three, massive great-white sharks. We had an ‘understanding’ with one of them, which also saved us from being attacked by the other two (at least for a time). We were all swimming in unison – a pattern of oscillation in which our movements mimicked the movements of the sharks. At the bottom of the lake, we came across a giant white box, which caused our group and the sharks to disperse. Underneath one corner of the box, in the silt, was a yellow seahorse like creature – one that represented an actual creature that I once saw buried in the sand while snorkeling at Sharks Cove, Oahu. In real life, the creatures entire body was immersed in the sand and only its triangular head stuck out, with a sharp, toothy beak pointed upward. It freaked me out at the time: “What if I had stepped on that thing?!?!”

In the dream, we roused the beaked-seahorse from its covert. It became a sea worm – one that stings like a jelly fish. All of us avoided touching it.

Our inattentiveness to staying harmonious with the sharks and swimming as part of their pack had led, in my opinion, to a breakdown of our truce. I exited the water accordingly, for fear that the lack of a truce would lead to an attack. Leah and three or four others stayed to swim in the depths. One girl, who was more passive and more afraid than the others, followed me to the surface. On one edge of the pool, there was a narrow strip of earth between the water’s edge and the warehouse wall. On this edge, level with the water, was a couch, upon which I found refuge. The girl remained out in the water and perched on a dingy a few yards from the lake edge.

Though I felt that the others were in greater jeopardy than myself, I hid behind a dozen or so decorative pillows. If a shark were to launch out of the water to attack me on the couch, I thought, the pillows would cushion me from its teeth and I would likely be safe (even if the pillows were shredded).

The attack was imminent I felt. I saw into the water, a great distance off and from an angle only possible in dreams. One of the sharks was preparing to attack the surface, but no one was there to be attacked.

I do not know what came of the rest of the group. Did they regain the original truce? I don’t know but I suspect they had an interesting/challenging exchange with the sharks and, in the end, were not attacked.

The dream ended.

2. I found myself in a luxurious vacation lodge, meant to house a given number of guests, very much like Pond View Lodge:

There were multiple levels and it all seemed very cozy. There were all kinds of people there, who I would be staying with. Only one, my mom, was from real life. A man, the owner, turned all the lights off by dimming them slowly and then back on, which produced greater light (like you have to do in Hargreaves Reading Room on EWU campus – at least, that’s how I do it). =]

Then there was a discussion between my mother and another lady about how there was 500 channels of cable on the TV that was being installed while we all moved in. I realized there would be naughty channels, too. They talked about how they were going to block those channels with a password. I plotted to be present and become surreptitiously aware of the password so that I could have free access to such channels on my own.

The dream ended.

3. I was not a character of this dream. It played out as a movie.

During a thrilling MLB game, a professional baseball player sits in a dugout napping, with his hand resting on a table that is in view of a spectator’s video camera. Only the player’s hand can be seen, but the spectator films anyway, out of sheer excitement of being so close to an idol. As the game continues, the spectator notices a strange twitching in the sleeping player’s hand. After two or three plays, the spectator begins to notice that certain twitches in the player’s hand precede successful team plays, while other twitches in the player’s hand precede unsuccessful ones. It’s as if the sleeping baseball player’s hand is prognosticating through these twitches.

After the game, the spectator takes the film to the head coach, who agrees that the spectator’s hypothesis is correct: this player’s hand is predicting the future. The head coach colludes with the player’s teammates to find all manner of ways to drug the player to, unwittingly, sleep through all of their games. Some of the teammates slip him syringes full of sleep-aid, disguised as steroids. Other players put sleep-aid in his food and so on.

The player sleeps through all of the ensuing games. They watch his hand closely and adjust their strategies accordingly. The team garners wild success.

The spectator inadvertently leaks the secret to the news media, who report the story en masse. Fans catch word and believe. The head coach and teammates now work feverishly to keep the secret from the player in question. They shield him from any contact with the outside world so that he doesn’t become aware of what’s happening, out of fear that, if he does, the twitching will stop or that he’ll be uncooperative with their plans.

The dream ended.

What Dream #1 Means To Me:

I was riding my bike last night with my helmet on. I always feel silly wearing my helmet, because so few do. But a traumatic brain injury is not worth conforming to current trends. I know that caution is associated with living a less-exciting life, but it’s a path that I prefer to walk. However, notice that, as in the dream, precaution doesn’t necessarily preclude one from being injured: I felt like a shark attack was still imminent, behind the pillows, with only a fair chance of survival. Similarly, proceeding recklessly (continuing to swim with hostile sharks) doesn’t necessarily consign one to being attacked.

So who has the better situation?

What Dream #2 Means to Me:

My family installed internet (AOL) for the first time when I was twelve. Through finagling, I was able to determine my parents parent-lock password. Technology was new to them and I knew it. I convinced them to “change” their password to make things “safer,” but did so in a way that made it possible for me to recover what they had typed. This, of course, gave me access to adult content. While access to adult content is one thing that I desired at that age, spending time with friends is something I desired even more. Looking back, I wish that 12-year-old me had not been so insecure with himself. Then he could have called up all kinds of people from school and arranged fun-tivities. This would have not only fulfilled a more highly prioritized desire (socializing), but would have left little time for or perceived-value of interacting with adult content. Friends are WAY more fun. =]

I believe that this dream indicates that I still maintain characteristics that allow me to be deceptive in order to achieve my desires. This reminds me of a July 2011 article by Jesse Bering entitled

18 Attributes of Highly Effective Liars,”

which appeared in Scientific American. Of the 18 Attributes listed, I believe I possess 15 or 16 in spades.

What Dream #3Means To Me:

I have no idea. Part of me feels like it would make an interesting movie; part of me feels like it’s too hokey. In the end, I just wonder how it all would end – the plot was just getting ramped up when I woke up this morning.

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