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Frisson – ‘aesthetic chills’ as a reaction to music
June 3, 2016, No Comments

When I was a graduate student at Eastern Washington University, I wrote my master’s thesis on a phenomenon called ...

What Are Emotions?
January 30, 2013, No Comments

Years ago, I heard a neurologist on Charlie Rose define Emotions as “Physiological states of readiness.” He ...

A Letter of Support for Barack H. Obama
February 15, 2011, No Comments

A View Into the Mind of a Young American in the Election Year, 2008 I know that everyone has their own personal beliefs ...

February 13, 2011, No Comments

Phi Φ is a Greek letter that represents an idea: the proportion 1 to 1.618. What is unusual about this proportion or id ...

Spirituality Defined
February 13, 2011, No Comments

“Generally there is in each individual a divinity which strives to push them onward and upward. We believe that th ...