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Judge Righteous Judgment
July 30, 2013, 1 Comment

When I was 3 or 4 years old, my brothers and I were in our neighbor’s backyard playing with our friend and his dog ...

What Are Emotions?
January 30, 2013, No Comments

Years ago, I heard a neurologist on Charlie Rose define Emotions as “Physiological states of readiness.” He ...

Expectations vs Reality
January 26, 2013, No Comments

Click here: Expectations vs Reality

Waiting for the Now to Pass
January 14, 2013, No Comments

I would like to tell you what I have discovered about happiness in life. It’s not something I knew for a very long ...

We Are Who We Are, Part 1 & Part 2
January 2, 2012, No Comments

Part 1 This story begins in the Spring of 2009, when I attended a psychology conference being held in Portland. Followin ...

Let Your Children Struggle A Bit
September 2, 2011, No Comments

November 8, 2009 It’s hard being a parent, but it’s also extremely rewarding. One of the greatest challenges ...

Want to change a bad habit? Simply keep track of it!
February 21, 2011, No Comments

One astounding principle of psychology and, subsequently, behavioral modification is the principle that simply studying ...

What Is Important and What Is Not
February 15, 2011, No Comments

When I was five-years-old or so, I had a very memorable and profound experience, which I’m sure I did not fully ap ...

A Testimony Through Music
February 6, 2011, No Comments

Music is a wonderful gift. The Lion King soundtrack, for example,  is one of the finest works of music ever conceived. ...