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Winter 2002

Oftentimes, people around us try to put us in what has been termed “a box.”

The truth is, we are all in a box, but each of us has a box to sit in that is our own and nobody else’s – and that is a wonderful thing! All of us have experienced life differently –more differently and uniquely than we truly understand.

Each of us has something unique to bring to the table. That something is ourselves.

In keeping with this idea, we would do well to be more accepting to others because we often don’t know where they are coming from and what they have had to go through.

We cannot see their heart, but we can see with our own.

Brigham Young taught that even “the least, the most inferior person now upon the Earth is worth worlds.”

And it follows, then, that each of us so important to eternal and almighty God, even when there are so many of us, because we each have a unique identity.

We are all limited edition, one of a kind and, so, we are all important.

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