…which thing I had never supposed

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April 5th, 2009:

I was just having a snack: thin mint girl scout cookies that I was dipping in Great Value brand vanilla yogurt (by my estimation, the best vanilla yogurt available).

 As I snacked, I was engaged in some rather deep and meaningful intellectual thought. At some point in my mental processes, I came to some meaningful conclusion about our enterprise here on earth.

 Just then, rather pleased with myself and my thinking, as I brought a freshly dipped cookie to my mouth, some yogurt began to slide off its precarious perch.

Without hesitation, almost as if by instinct, I lapped at the descending yogurt in an undignified flailing manner, trying to save as much as I could before it hit the counter. I must have appeared in similar fashion to that of a greedy hound ravenizing a smackeral of gravy from a leftover dinner plate, only this was happening in mid-air. Of course, my attempts were not very successful and the yogurt splattered on the counter.

 I couldn’t help but laugh.

 Here I was, perhaps at the zenith of the mental capacity I will have exerted by the day’s end, and yet I couldn’t exercise some rather basic self control at the cost of a few drops of yogurt.

 Needless to say, I felt rather sheepish.

The fact that I soon thereafter accidentally swallowed too quickly, causing bits of chewed cookie to be coughed about and yogurt to come out of my nose, didn’t make matters any better.

 Thankfully, life is filled with such humbling reminders of what we truly are. =]

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